Thimbleful Thursday

The idiom for the day is: turnip truck.  

The wordcount goal is: 400 words.  


Write a microfic within 10% of the week’s wordcount to the week’s prompt (360-440 words).

Link to your posted fic in the comments here; comment on others’ fics.


Thimbleful is posted by alder’s grove fiction 


Weekly Round-Up: Throw Down the Gauntlet, 400 words

Last Thursday’s Prompt was Throw Down the Gauntletfor 400 words.

There were 4 stories written, no debuts:

Throw Down the Gauntlet, by Rix-Scaedu

Which Kind of Gauntlet?, by Clare Dragonfly

Throw Down the Gauntlet, by Lilfluff

Unusual Methods, by Inventrix

Sometimes, in lining up the next few months of prompts, one escapes prematurely.

Rix-Scaedu wrote Set the World on Fire to one such prompt.